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Strategic vision
Cooperation Framework 2023-2026
United in reform

Programmatic frameworks

UN Cooperation Framework for Sustainable Development (2023–2026)
The UN country team in Venezuela, led by the Resident Coordinator, Gianluca Rampolla del Tindaro, signed a new Cooperation Framework with the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on September 23, 2022. This strategic document will guide the UN’s work with its partners during 2023–2026 to substantially improve the population’s quality of life and access to new development opportunities.

Aligned with the country’s strategic priorities, the 2030 Agenda, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we will focus on three areas:

1. Improving the resilience and development of the population with a gender perspective, equity, intergenerationality, and a human rights approach.
2. Promoting together the sustainable, resilient, and innovative production development of Venezuela aligned with environmental management and action against climate change, leaving no one behind.
3. Advancing the 2030 Agenda by promoting sustainable, inclusive, egalitarian social cohesion.
Humanitarian Response Plan 2022-2023
The Humanitarian Response Plan 2022-2023 will be the framework for action in Venezuela to address the priorities set out in this Plan. Its focus is to provide assistance and strengthen the provision of essential services, livelihoods and protection, prioritizing based on the level of vulnerability.

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